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Introduction to the Analysis of Cluster Programmes and Policies

Clusters are promising and powerful instruments for the promotion of research and innovation and thus key for the creation of economic growth and job creation. Many studies around the world prove the positive effects of cluster activities on R&D investments, R&D collaboration and innovation. The fact that the return and profit on R&D investments are increasing with this economic policy instrument confirms that clusters offer a favourable and dynamic business environment which significantly increases competitiveness. In such favourable ecosystems innovatiove companies can develop by interacting with different innovation actors and across sectoral boundaries.

In this respect cluster policies and cluster programmes are important instruments to develop clusters and cluster. The right strategy meaning the right objectives and instruments of a cluster policy or a cluster programme are decisive to tap into the potential of a clusters. ESCA experts have been key drives within important cluster policy and programme projects.

If you want to learn more about their thinking and the results of these projects, please see Insights from Cluster Programme Benchmarking and The Perfect Cluster Programme.

And if you are interested in learning whether your cluster programme is already in line with the new thinking about cluster support please "stress test" your cluster programme!