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ECEI Bronze Label

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Aviation and space

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Name Country www Label valid until
AED Cluster Portugal Portugal 2022/12/31
AERA - Cluster Aeronautico Aragonés Spain 2018/09/06
AEROCENTRE France 2014/07/04
Aerocluster de Queretaro A.C. Mexico 2023/09/30
Aerospace Alliance of Baja California Mexico 2018/05/04
Aerospace Cluster Sweden (ACS) Sweden 2023/10/31
Aerospace Valley France 2014/12/31
Aviation Valley Poland 2023/09/30
BavAIRia e. V. Germany 2016/10/07
BBAA - Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e. V. Germany 2018/09/14 Denmark 2020/02/15
CfK Valley Germany 2017/02/17
Cluster Aerospacial Spain 2016/09/23
Competence Center Aerospace Kassel Calden Germany 2018/10/05
DAC - Distretto Aerospaziale della Campania Italy 2018/09/14
DeSK - German Center for Satellite Communications Germany 2019/09/20
Estonian Aviation Cluster Estonia 2023/07/31
HEGAN – Basque Aerospace Cluster Spain 2019/06/16
Helice Cluster Spain 2018/09/14
Hessen Aviation Germany 2019/12/13
Lazio Connect Italy 2015/01/29
Lombardia Aerospace Cluster Italy 2016/10/01
LRT e.V. Germany 2024/03/31
Luftfahrtcluster Metropolregion Hamburg e.V. Germany 2013/02/24
Malta Business Aviation Association Malta 2016/10/21
Monterrey Aerocluster Mexico 2019/05/03
Moravian Aerospace Cluster Czech Republic 2021/10/14
Netzwerk Luft- und Raumfahrt Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Hanse-Aerospace e. V. Germany 2017/09/03
Niedersachsen Aviation Germany 2018/09/14
OSSA Defence & Aviation Cluster Turkey 2014/08/14
PEMAS - Portuguese Aerospace Industry Association Portugal 2018/09/15
Pôle de Compétitivité aérospatial ASTech Paris Région France 2014/02/15
Pôle Pégase France 2014/02/04
si-Cluster - Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster Greece 2015/05/16
Silesian Aviation Cluster Poland 2017/04/08
Skywin Belgium 2014/12/13
UAS Denmark Denmark 2020/04/12