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ECEI Bronze Label

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Creative industries

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Name Country www Label valid until
ADDICT - Creative Industries Portugal Portugal 2015/09/11
Animation Hub Denmark 2015/05/29
Arctic Design Cluster Finland 2018/04/19
Arctic Safety and Security Finland 2018/04/19
Arena Magica Norway 2017/10/21
Associació Clúster de productes infantils de Catalunya - KID'S CLUSTER Spain 2022/07/31
Baden-Württemberg Connected e.V. Germany 2016/04/01
Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster Spain 2018/04/29
Barcelona Media - Innovation Centre Spain 2016/09/26
Beirut Creative Cluster Lebanon 2019/05/31
Biznes Klaster Poland 2015/02/11
Cap Digital France 2014/02/16
China-CEEC Blockchain Centre of Excellence Slovakia 2021/11/20
Clust-ER CREATE Italy 2022/09/30
Cluster APP. Advertising, Printing and Packacking Romania 2019/07/01
Cluster Audiovisual de Canarias Spain 2017/10/30
Cluster Audiovisual de Catalunya Spain 2024/03/31
Cluster Audiovisual de Galego Spain 2014/06/26
Cluster audiovisuelle Medien Germany 2012/12/02
Cluster Calzado Spain 2019/10/16
Cluster Druck und Printmedien Germany 2016/10/30
Cluster Finanzdienstleistungen Germany 2016/07/10
Cluster ICT-Audiovisual Spain 2016/09/25
Clúster Mexicano de Comercio Mexico 2021/03/28
CM Musikwirtschaft Germany 2014/12/05
Consejo de la Moda de Jalisco Mexico 2017/11/28
Copenhagen Fintech Denmark 2021/10/16
Creative Business Center Denmark 2015/03/25
Creative Communication Cluster Poland 2015/02/11
Creative England United Kingdom 2015/06/12
Creative Transsylvania Romania 2019/07/18
Danish Lighting Innovation Network Denmark 2015/05/15
Design 2 Innovate Denmark 2014/11/19
Design Network North United Kingdom 2015/10/30
Design to Business Germany 2019/07/18
DesignArena Norway 2018/01/28
DIGIBUSINESS Finland Finland 2013/02/08
EDDA Centre of Excellence Iceland 2015/03/20
FINANCE INNOVATION France 2014/03/09
FinanceMalta Malta 2017/11/25
FinTech Scotland United Kingdom 2021/12/19
gi-Cluster - Innovative Gaming Technologies and Creative Content Cluster Greece 2015/05/16
HKKKKI - Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of Creative and Cultural industries Croatia 2019/04/20
House be Sweden 2020/09/19
House of Events Innovation Slovakia 2024/10/31
iconoval - Pôle image Alsace France 2013/10/11
Innonet Lifestyle – Interior & Clothing Denmark 2012/11/11
Innovative Experiences Norway 2013/01/27
Inredia Sweden 2016/02/18
Interior Cluster Sweden AB Sweden 2020/09/18
InViO - Innovation network for knowledge-based experience economy Denmark 2015/05/24
kre|H|tiv Netzwerk Hannover Germany 2017/10/14
Kreatív Ipari Klaszter Hungary 2020/10/05
Latvian Printing and Media Technology Cluster Latvia 2021/07/25
Lille design France 2015/01/22
Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster Lithuania 2024/02/29
Maisons de Mode France 2015/01/22
Mazovian Printing and Advertising Cluster - COLOURFUL VALLEY Poland 2013/02/15 berlinbrandenburg e.V. Germany 2018/10/13
MediArena Norway 2016/03/04
MIND Mexico 2017/02/17
Monterrey Interactive Media and Entertainment Cluster Mexico 2022/11/30
MultiCluster - Cluster of Multimedia and Information Systems Association Poland 2013/03/02
Netzwerk Kreativwirtschaft Baden-Württemberg Germany 2015/03/28
Norwegian Fashion Hub Norway 2018/05/24
NxtMedia Norway 2016/03/26
Open Hub Creative Cluster Romania 2020/09/19
Plaine Images France 2015/01/21
Podlachia Lingerie Cluster Poland 2014/05/08
Pôle de Compétitivité des Industries du Commerce France 2014/03/07
Pôle Images Nord-Pas de Calais France 2015/01/21
Pôle Risques France 2014/02/15
Printing and Advertising Cluster in Leszno Poland 2015/02/11
Projekt Zukunft - IKT-Wirtschaft Germany 2014/09/10
ScotlandIS United Kingdom 2018/01/25
Screen.Brussels Belgium 2018/12/16
Service Cluster Denmark Denmark 2015/05/21
Shareplay Denmark 2017/06/23
SME Booster and Innovations Cluster Slovakia 2023/12/31
The Animation Workshop Denmark 2020/03/22
The Innovation Network for Market, Communication and Consumption Denmark 2015/05/14
Toy Valley Cluster Spain 2019/10/17
TWIST Belgium 2015/01/25
Vilnius Film Cluster Lithuania 2020/05/04
Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach Austria 2013/01/12
Vision Denmark Denmark 2021/06/17