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Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: ICT

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Name Country www Label valid until
4.0 Cluster de Industria Mexico 2023/04/30
AERTIC Spain 2016/02/11
Agro ICT Cluster Hungary 2020/05/17
Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora del Conocimiento de Asturias Spain 2014/06/18
Alliance IT and Innovation Cluster Hungary 2018/10/05
Alt Brasov - Cluster for Innovation and Technology Romania 2019/08/03
Asociación Clúster Insignia Empresarial Spain 2016/03/20
Association of Croatian ICT Clusters – cro.ict Croatia 2015/03/13
Banat Software Romania 2021/08/01
Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster Germany 2016/07/10
Bavarian IT Security and Safety Cluster Germany 2016/04/02
Bayerisches IT-Logistikcluster Germany 2016/09/25
BCCS Cluster (Blockchain Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions Cluster) Lithuania 2024/02/29
BCT - Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications Bulgaria 2016/07/15
BITERAP Slovakia 2023/07/31
BrainsBusiness Denmark 2014/03/29
Bron Innovation Sweden 2020/09/19
Canarias Excelencia Tecnológica Spain 2016/02/07
CAST - Competence Center for Applied Security Technology Germany 2020/05/29
Chihuahua IT Cluster Mexico 2016/10/14
CITI Tabasco A.C. Mexico 2016/11/17
Cluj IT Romania 2016/12/16
Clust-ER Service Innovatation Italy 2022/02/12
Cluster de Empresas TIC, Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones de Aragón Spain 2015/10/31
Cluster de Integradores de Alta Tecnología A.C. Mexico 2022/11/30
Clúster de Tecnología de Información Tlaxcala A.C. Mexico 2022/11/30
Clúster de Tecnologías de la Información del Estado de Colima, A.C. Mexico 2022/11/30
Cluster de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones de Michoacán AC Mexico 2022/11/30
Clúster de TI de Guanajuato (CLUTIG) Mexico 2021/03/01
Cluster Digital Spain 2023/07/31
Cluster Edit France 2015/07/17
Cluster of Security and Defence of Latvia Latvia 2021/09/03
Cluster Puebla TIC A.C. Mexico 2022/11/30
Cluster Sofia Knowledge City Bulgaria 2023/12/31
Cluster Ti Chiapas Mexico 2018/02/19
Cluster TI Oaxaca Mexico 2017/07/17
Cluster TIC de Galicia Spain 2015/09/12
Clusterland Sweden Sweden 2015/10/30
Control & IT Cluster Romania 2019/07/31
Cyber Security Cluster Slovakia 2022/08/31
CyberForum e.V. Germany 2023/05/31
cyberLAGO e.V. Germany 2021/02/28
CZECH IT CLUSTER, družstvo Czech Republic 2017/02/05
Danish Sound Cluster Denmark 2023/10/31
Danube Cyber Security Alliance - DACSA Romania 2018/02/03
Datacenter Industry Sweden (DIS) Sweden 2020/09/25
Digin Norway 2016/06/26
Digital Rocket LT Lithuania 2024/02/29
Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein Germany 2018/02/08
DITEDI - District of Digital Technologies Italy 2016/07/24
DITTIZAC A.C. Mexico 2016/09/29
Domotys - Spanish Association for the Internationalisation and Innovation of Smart Homes and Building Companies Spain 2022/12/31
Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster Poland 2014/07/12
EduCluster Poland 2015/02/11
Edutech Cluster Spain 2024/02/29
Elektrotechnický klaster –západné Slovensko Slovakia 2016/07/26
ELINCLUS - Electronic Innovation Cluster Romania 2015/03/14
Estonian ICT Cluster Estonia 2023/07/31
Euronest ICT Cluster Romania 2019/01/11
Fondazione Cluster Smart Cities and Communities - Lombardia Italy 2016/09/30
Foundation Cluster Information and Communication Technologies Bulgaria 2018/07/01
Future Position X Network Sweden 2013/01/31
GEOkomm e.V. Germany 2016/03/27
House of IT e. V. Germany 2017/07/13
Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster Hungary 2014/05/11
ICT Cluster in Madeira Portugal 2020/06/05
ICT Cluster of Fundación Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía – CTA Spain 2021/03/06
ICT Innovation network Slovenia 2020/12/18
ICT Network Serbia 2015/01/11
ICT Oltenia Cluster Romania 2018/01/12
ICT Technology Network Slovenia 2021/03/21
IDiA Spain 2015/01/30
IJALTI - Information Technology Institute of Jalisco Mexico 2015/11/04
IKT Grenland Norway 2012/12/13
Impulse TI - Promotora del Sector TI del Centro de Sinaloa A.C. Mexico 2016/10/27
InfinIT Denmark 2020/12/06
Infopole Cluster TIC Belgium 2017/08/26
Information Management Innovation Cluster Hungary 2014/11/22
InfoTech Cluster Poland 2015/02/11
Innoskart ICT Cluster Hungary 2016/06/16
Innovation Technology AtlanTec Gateway Ireland 2023/12/31
InnoZent OWL e.V. Germany 2016/04/29
Integracion Tecnologica De Queretaro. A.c. Mexico 2023/09/30
Intelligent Machines Cluster Iceland 2015/04/03
Interizon – Pomorski Klaster ICT Poland 2021/05/22
IOT Linköping Sweden 2020/09/19
Irish Software Innovation Network Ireland 2018/03/10
IT@Baja Mexico 2015/05/08
IT Cluster Czech Republic 2015/02/18
IT-Cluster Wien Austria 2013/12/14
it@cork - European Tech Cluster Ireland 2022/08/31
IT FOR WORK Germany 2016/04/28
it-forum midtjylland Denmark 2015/05/06
IT-Netzwerk e. V. Germany 2017/12/01
IT Plus Cluster Romania 2017/04/08
iTechSylvania Cluster Romania 2016/12/16
ITnet Thüringen e. V. Germany 2022/12/31
Knowledge and Innovation Community for Information and Communication Technologies Poland 2015/02/12
Košice IT Valley Slovakia 2015/01/16
Latvian IT Cluster Latvia 2016/01/30
Lebanon SoftShore Lebanon 2016/07/23
LESSIE - Leipziger Smart Service Engineering Germany 2024/03/31
LSEC - Leaders in Security Belgium 2017/03/16
Madan Parque Portugal 2019/02/10
Maroc Numeric Cluster Morocco 2016/09/19
Mazovia ICT Cluster Poland 2018/01/25
Media Cube Ireland 2013/11/16
Media Evolution Sweden 2020/09/13
Međimurski IT Cluster Croatia 2015/03/11
METU Software Cluster Turkey 2014/11/02
Mobile Heights Sweden 2020/06/20
Monterrey IT Cluster, A.C. Mexico 2022/11/30
NetPort Science Park AB Sweden 2018/08/29
Network Security Monitoring Cluster Czech Republic 2015/02/07
Netzwerk Südwestsachsen Digital e.V. Germany 2024/03/31
Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster Norway 2022/07/31
North Hungarian IT Cluster Hungary 2014/11/28
Numélink France 2013/12/13
Open Source Business Alliance e. V. Germany 2013/11/17
Oslo Edtech Cluster Norway 2020/08/23
Pôle Aquinetic France 2018/04/14
Pôle Images et Réseaux France http://www.images-et-ré 2014/03/01
Pôle Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées France 2014/02/23
Pôle TES France 2014/02/03
Prosoftware AC Mexico 2016/06/18
REGINA e.V. - Regionaler Industrieclub Informatik Aachen Germany 2019/01/09
SafeTRANS Germany 2017/03/12
Satellitennavigation Berchtesgadener Land Germany 2017/10/05
Security and Trust Cluster of the Madrid Region Spain 2016/02/28
Silicon Alps Cluster GmbH Austria 2022/12/31
Silicon Saxony e.V. Germany 2013/03/22
Smart Alliance Romania 2019/08/17
Smart City Cluster Estonia 2019/05/17
Software.Brussels Belgium 2018/12/16
Software-Cluster Germany 2013/11/16
Software Industry Council of Nuevo Leon Mexico 2022/11/30
Software Innovation Pole Cluster Hungary 2014/11/30
Stifelsen Compare Karlstad Competence Arena (SCKCA) Sweden 2020/09/24
System Science Innovation Cluster Hungary 2014/12/13
Systematic France 2014/01/10
TICE.PT - Pólo das Tecnologias de Informação, Comunicação e Electrónica Portugal 2013/10/18
Torino Wireless Italy 2015/06/18
Ubiquitous Computing Competence Cluster Finland 2013/02/17
Urban ICT Arena Sweden 2020/09/19
Vojvodina ICT Cluster Serbia 2015/03/26
VRINN Business Cluster Norway 2022/04/30
Wielkopolska ICT Cluster Poland 2013/02/18
Wschodni Klaster ICT Poland 2019/01/17
XIXIM Cluster de Innovacion Tecnologia Durango Mexico 2022/11/30
Z@ict Slovakia 2023/04/30
Združenie inteligentného priemyslu - Industry4UM Slovakia 2024/11/30
Zeitsprung IT-Forum Fulda e. V. Germany 2017/02/12