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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster management organizations that are benchmarked demonstrate their interest in striving for excellence. For being benchmarking under the ESCA benchmarking approach by one of the ESCA experts cluster management organizations are awarded with the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).


This database provides an overview of the clusters that have been benchmarked since November 2010.

Each cluster was analyzed based on an interview of the cluster manager conducted by an impartial ESCA benchmarking expert. The interview covers 36 indicators with regard to the structure of the cluster, the cluster management and the governance of the cluster, financing of the cluster management, services provided by the cluster management, contacts and interaction within the cluster and achievements and recognition of the cluster.

Results are presented by an individual report to the cluster management and include also recommendations for further improvement in line with the requirements of the cluster quality label that is currently developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.



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Name Comparative portfolio www Label valid until
ASDI - Parco Agro-Alimentare di San Daniele Food industry 2016/07/24
BIOCOMPOST Biotechnology 2016/10/01
bioPmed Piemonte innovation cluster Health and medical science 2019/01/10 Food industry 2017/02/04
CBM s.c.r.l. Health and medical science 2016/07/25
Cluster Alimentaris Food industry 2016/08/29
Cluster Bau Construction 2016/08/28
Cluster Gesundheit & Wellness Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2016/08/29
Cluster Holz & Technik Construction 2016/08/28
Cluster Lombardo Scienze della Vita Health and medical science 2017/02/05
Cluster sports & winterTECH Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2016/08/28
Cluster Zivilschutz & Alpine Sicherheit Transportation and mobility 2016/08/29
Compagnia del Molise Food industry 2016/09/19
DAC - Distretto Aerospaziale della Campania Aviation and space 2018/09/14
DARE Puglia Food industry 2016/02/27
DGT Molise Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2017/10/02
DITEDI - District of Digital Technologies ICT 2016/07/24
ENERMHY Energy and environment 2016/02/13
Fondazione Cluster Smart Cities and Communities - Lombardia ICT 2016/09/30
FVG as a L@b Health and medical science 2016/07/25
Italian Chair District Production and engineering 2016/07/24
Lazio Connect Aviation and space 2015/01/29
LGCA - Lombardy Green Chemistry Association New materials and chemistry 2017/02/04
Lombardia Aerospace Cluster Aviation and space 2016/10/01
Lombardy Energy Cluster Energy and environment 2014/09/25
Lombardy Mobility Cluster Transportation and mobility 2017/02/05
Maritime Technology Cluster (form. DITENAVE) Transportation and mobility 2016/07/24
MESAP - Mechatronics and System for Advanced Production Production and engineering 2016/02/11
Molise@Healthnet Health and medical science 2016/09/10
OLIVE 360 Food industry 2016/08/08
OTIR2020 Textile industries 2018/10/25 – Textile Innovation Cluster New materials and chemistry 2016/02/13
POLIBRE - Renewable Energies and Biofuels Innovation Pole Energy and environment 2016/02/13
POLIGHT - Innovation Pole Green-building & Hydrogen Technologies Energy and environment 2016/02/14
Polo del Lago Maggiore Energy and environment 2016/02/13
Polo IBIS - Sustainable Chemistry New materials and chemistry 2016/02/12
Proplast New materials and chemistry 2017/07/09
Tecnogranda Food industry 2016/02/13
Tecnologie per gli Ambienti di Vita Production and engineering 2016/10/01
Torino Wireless ICT 2015/06/18
Tuscany Life Science Cluster Health and medical science 2016/03/12