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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Construction

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Name Country www Label valid until
AEICE Spain 2020/03/06
ArchEnergy Hungary 2014/05/10
Arctic Business Network Denmark 2017/11/26
Associació Clúster Hàbitat de Catalunya Spain 2019/03/17
Bau.Energie.Umwelt Cluster Niederösterreich Austria 2013/11/09
Betong og byggarbeider i arktisk klima Norway 2018/09/19
BM³ Mazovian Cluster of Materials Technology and Engineering Poland 2016/12/08
Building cluster of Karaganda Region Kazakhstan 2021/05/31
BYG FYN Denmark 2021/01/16
CAP 2020 Belgium 2015/06/14
Clean Air Cluster Denmark 2017/12/03
Cluster Bau Italy 2016/08/28
Cluster Construcción de Santander Colombia 2020/06/24
Cluster Da Pedra Natural Portugal 2016/09/03
Cluster del Granito Spain 2018/09/14
Cluster Eco Construction Belgium 2015/01/31
Cluster EMC Morocco 2016/07/17
Cluster énergie & bâtiment Switzerland 2015/04/21
Cluster Forst und Holz in Bayern Germany 2016/04/02
Cluster Habitat Sustentável Portugal 2015/03/07
Cluster Holz & Technik Italy 2016/08/28
Construct Cluster Oltenia Romania 2019/10/04
Construction Cluster Dundjer Serbia 2019/12/05
Construction Cluster Innowator Poland 2018/06/23
CZECH STONE CLUSTER Czech Republic 2017/02/04
E-difice - Digital Construction Cluster Estonia 2019/05/19
Ecobuild.Brussels Belgium 2018/12/16
ena - european network architecture e. V. Germany 2018/03/20
Építő-KITT Cluster Hungary 2016/07/02
Gdansk Cluster of Civil Engineering (Gdanski Klaster Budowlany) Poland 2014/05/08
InnoBYG (Innovation Network for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Construction) Denmark 2021/03/07
KEN Cluster Estonia 2019/05/17
KompetenzZentrum Bau Neumarkt GmbH Germany 2015/01/22
Latvian Wood Construction Cluster Latvia 2019/07/03
Magyar Innovatív Építőipari Nyílt Klaszter / Hungarian Innovative Building industry Open Cluster Hungary 2021/12/31
Moravian Silesian Wood Processing Cluster (MSDK) Czech Republic 2017/02/05
Natural Stone Industry Cluster (Cluster Piedra) Spain 2017/01/22
Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster Norway 2019/09/19
Pôle Alsace énergivie France 2014/02/23
pro holzbau hessen Germany 2020/10/23
proHolzBW Germany 2019/01/17
Smart Construction Cluster Norway 2019/06/06
Smart Housing Småland Sweden 2020/11/22
Stowarzyszenie Lubelskie Drewno - Regionalny Klaster w Lublinie Poland 2015/02/11
Sustainable Building Cluster Spain 2016/03/19
The Mazurian Windows Cluster Poland 2013/02/23
The National Wood Cluster Czech Republic 2019/12/21
Wood Cluster in Galicia Spain 2014/06/18