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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Energy and environment

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Name Country www Label valid until
ACLIMA - Basque Country's Environmental Industry's Cluster Asociation Spain 2015/04/30
ADVANCITY France 2014/03/07
Agro Business Park Denmark 2018/12/18
Arctic Development Environments Finland 2018/04/19
Arctic Smart Rural Community Cluster Finland 2018/04/19
Arena Smart Grid Services Cluster Norway 2016/03/05
Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster Poland 2013/03/11
Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster Poland 2019/10/20
biomastec Germany 2014/06/06
Blue Economy Innovation Cluster Hungary 2015/12/04
Brennstoffzellen- und Batterie-Allianz Baden-Württemberg Germany 2014/10/16
Capenergies France 2014/03/07
CEEC - Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster Spain 2017/12/21
Centre of Excellence Low-Carbon Technologie Slovenia 2016/10/24
Centro Articulador del Sector Productivo Forestal de Jalisco A.C. Mexico 2017/11/28
CISE - Cluster Industriel pour les Services Environnementaux Morocco 2016/07/18
Cluster Biomassa Spain 2019/05/11
Cluster Energia Spain 2018/05/12
Cluster Energías Renovables Spain 2016/09/24
Cluster Energie und Umwelt Germany 2013/06/14
Cluster Energietechnik Germany 2016/07/10
Cluster Energietechnik Berlin-Brandenburg Germany 2019/05/08
Cluster ENR Tunisie Tunisia 2016/06/13
Cluster for Energy Efficiency Serbia 2019/02/03
Cluster TWEED Belgium 2014/12/13
Competitiveness and Technology Center for Forest Industries Portugal 2017/03/16
Consorcio Tecnológico de la Energía de Asturias Spain 2014/05/03
Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Denmark 2013/01/26
CREA Hydro & Energy Czech Republic 2015/02/06
Danish Wind Industry Association Denmark 2018/01/12
ECO World Styria Austria 2014/03/23
ECOPolis Cluster Hungary 2016/07/03
Écotech Québec Canada 2018/06/08
EE.SH - Erneuerbare Energien Schleswig-Holstein Germany 2018/02/08
Electric Energy Cluster Colombia 2014/10/15
Energieforum Karlsruhe Germany 2018/12/09
Energiegenossenschaft Odenwald eG Germany 2015/11/26
ENERGIEregion Nürnberg e. V. Germany 2016/10/01
Energoklastr Czech Republic 2015/01/28
Energy@Cork Ireland 2014/07/30
Energy Saxony e. V. Germany 2019/03/03
Energy Technology Cluster Programme Finland 2013/03/09
Energy Vaasa Finland 2018/05/02
Energy Valley Netherlands 2016/10/23
EnergyIN - Pólo de Competitividade e Tecnologia da Energia Portugal 2018/03/03
ENERMHY Italy 2016/02/13
ENVICRACK Czech Republic 2015/02/18
Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Germany 2016/06/02
Finnish Environmental Cluster for China Finland 2013/03/08
Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. Germany 2017/02/13
Gate 21 Denmark 2015/05/07
Geothermal Cluster - GEORG Iceland 2014/12/07
Green Building Innovation Cluster Hungary 2016/07/07
GREEN ENERGY - Romanian Innovative Biomass Cluster Romania 2015/01/15
Green Synergy Cluster Bulgaria 2019/02/17
Greentech South United Kingdom 2017/05/19
House of Energy Denmark 2018/01/20
Hub North Denmark 2016/02/18
HYDREOS France 2014/02/13
Iceland Ocean Cluster Iceland 2014/09/28
Icelandic Geothermal Cluster Iceland 2014/09/28
Innovation Network for Biomass Denmark 2015/05/02
Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster Ireland 2014/06/26
Katla Geopark Iceland 2014/12/03
KEXPORT Cluster Hungary 2016/07/07
KNUT e.V. - KompetenzNetzwerk UmweltTechnologie Germany 2019/11/01
Kompetenznetzwerk Dezentrale Energietechnologien e. V. Germany 2017/09/30
Lean Energy Cluster Denmark 2014/01/19
Living Business Finland 2013/02/07
Lombardy Energy Cluster Italy 2014/09/25
Národný energetický klaster Slovakia 2015/01/23
NAUTILUS Hungary 2014/08/30
Netværk for Bæredygtig Erhvervsudvikling NordDanmark Denmark 2017/12/03
Netzwerk Brennstoffzelle und Wasserstoff NRW Germany 2016/09/04
Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt e.V. Germany 2016/11/12
Netzwerk innovative Kreislauftechnologien Germany 2014/11/20 Denmark 2013/02/02
Oldenburger Energiecluster OLEC e. V. Germany 2017/02/06
OÖ Energiesparverband / Oekoenergie-Cluster Austria 2015/08/08
Pleszew's Boiler Cluster Poland 2013/02/18
Pôle AVENIA France 2014/02/24
Pôle de Compétitivité DERBI France 2014/02/24
Pôle de Compétitivité Industries et Agro-Ressources France 2014/02/20
Pôle DREAM (Durabilité de la Ressource en Eau Associée aux Milieux) France 2014/01/21
Pôle Nucléaire Bourgogne France http://www.polenucleairebourgogne.fe 2014/03/07
POLIBRE - Renewable Energies and Biofuels Innovation Pole Italy 2016/02/13
POLIGHT - Innovation Pole Green-building & Hydrogen Technologies Italy 2016/02/14
Polish Wood Cluster Poland 2017/01/05
Polo del Lago Maggiore Italy 2016/02/13
Project Zero Denmark 2015/08/13
RICAM - Cluster de Energías Renovables, Medioambiente y Recursos Hídricos de Canarias Spain 2016/03/20
ROSENC - Romanian Sustainable Energy Cluster Romania 2015/01/10
S2E2 - Smart Electricity Cluster France 2014/03/08
Sea of Innovation Cantabria Cluster Spain 2014/08/22
Smart Future Innovation Cluster Hungary 2016/07/08
Sociedad Gestora Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria (PCTCAN) Spain 2014/08/23
Solartys Spain 2019/05/12
South Poland Cleantech Cluster Poland 2018/06/17
Stichting Kiemt Netherlands 2018/07/19
Stichting kiEMT Netherlands 2018/07/19
Subcarpathian Renewable Energy Cluster Poland 2014/05/08
Sustainable Sweden Southeast Sweden 2016/02/11
Swedish Maritime Technology Forum Sweden 2013/01/24
TEAM² (Technologies de l’Environnement Appliquées au Matières et aux Matériaux) France 2014/03/12
TENERRDIS France 2014/02/15
The Environmental Technology Network Denmark 2014/10/04
The Valencian Cluster of Energy Industries Spain 2013/11/03
Thüringer Erneuerbare Energien Netzwerk (ThEEN) Germany 2018/09/13
Together Warmer (Razem cieplej) Poland 2013/02/23
Trägerverein Umwelttechnologie-Cluster Bayern e. V. Germany 2016/04/02
TREC - Transylvania Energy Cluster Romania 2017/12/14
Trimatec France 2014/02/02
VE-Net (Renewable Energy Innovation Network) Denmark 2015/05/06
Vistula Cluster of Renewable Energy (Nadwiślański Klaster Energii Odnawialnej) Poland 2013/03/01
WAB e. V. (Windenergie-Agentur) Germany 2017/02/25
Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Initiative Hessen e.V. Germany 2016/12/02
Water in Urban Areas Denmark 2015/05/01
Yalova Garden Turkey 2016/05/02
ZINNAE - Urban Cluster for the Efficient Use of Water Spain 2019/01/14