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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Food industry

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Name Country www Label valid until
ADVID - Cluster dos Vinhos da Região Demarcada do Douro Portugal 2017/06/08
Aegean Dried Fruits Exporters' Association Turkey 2014/06/27
Aegean Livestock and Aqua Products Exporters' Associations Turkey 2015/03/05
Agri Innovation Cluster Poland 2018/04/29
AgriFood Netherlands 2019/05/23
Agrifood & Bioeconomy Cluster Italy 2020/05/10
AgriMip Sud-Ouest Innovation France 2014/03/06
Agro Business Park Denmark 2021/06/24
Agrofood Murcia Spain 2017/01/27
AgroFood Regional Cluster Romania 2016/12/16
AGROPRO Oltenia Cluster Romania 2017/07/28
AgroTransilvania Cluster Romania 2016/12/16
Agroväst Sweden 2020/09/24
AHP - Agadir Haliopôle Pôle de Compétitivité Morocco 2016/06/27
AINS - Innovative business association of nutrition and health Spain 2019/03/16
Aragon Food Cluster Spain 2018/09/06
Arena Innovasjon Torskefisk Norway 2018/09/19
ASDI - Parco Agro-Alimentare di San Daniele Italy 2016/07/24
Asociación de Investigación de Industrias Cárnicas del Principado de Asturias Spain 2014/06/20
Associació Clúster Alimentari de Barcelona Spain 2016/02/19
Associació del Cluster Aqüicat (Acuiplus) Spain 2016/09/09
Association of Organic Agriculture Organization Turkey 2014/06/26
Azores Agrocluster – Ananás de San Miguel Portugal 2020/05/24 Italy 2017/02/04
Catalan Wine Cluster Spain 2020/11/29
Catalonia Gourmet Spain 2020/03/09
Céréales Vallée France 2014/03/01
Cluster Agro-Industrial do Ribatejo Portugal 2013/10/18
Clúster Agroalimentario de Nuevo León Mexico 2021/04/10
Clúster Alimentario de Galicia Spain 2018/09/06
Cluster Alimentaris Italy 2016/08/29
Clúster de Acuicultura de Galicia Spain 2014/06/14
Cluster del Mango Sinaloense Mexico 2018/09/30
Cluster del Tomate Sinaloense Mexico 2018/09/30
Cluster Ernährung Germany 2016/09/02
Cluster Food + i Spain 2016/02/12
Cluster Food Service de Catalunya Spain 2021/03/25
Cluster International AGROFOOD Romania 2018/01/15
Cluster MENARA - Marrakech Exclusivity Network for Advanced Research in Art's living Morocco 2016/09/05
Cluster META Spain 2017/01/20
Coconut Agricluster Mexico 2018/04/27
Compagnia del Molise Italy 2016/09/19
Dairy Cluster of Akmola Region Kazakhstan 2021/05/31
Danish Food Cluster Denmark 2020/03/21
DARE Puglia Italy 2016/02/27
Ecorural Net Croatia 2015/03/11
EUVITA Cluster Croatia 2020/03/06
Flanders' Food Belgium 2014/01/27
Flour cluster of kostanay region Kazakhstan 2021/05/31
Food Development Competence Cluster Finland 2013/02/18
Food Finland Finland 2013/03/10
Food-Processing Initiative e.V. Germany 2016/04/29
Food Valley NL Netherlands 2020/08/17
foodactive e. V. Germany 2017/06/24
FoodRegio Germany 2019/05/31
Fruits and Berries Cluster Norway 2017/02/26
Future Food Innovation Denmark 2015/10/31
GIQS e.V. Germany 2016/04/28
GROZD PLAVAC MALI d.o.o. Croatia 2014/12/28
Ideon Agro Food Sweden 2016/03/11
INNOVACC - Catalan Association for innovation in the pig meat sector Spain 2020/01/16
INNO'VIN France 2016/12/17
InovCluster - Associação do Cluster Agro-Industrial do Centro Portugal 2013/10/18
Latvian High Added Value and Healthy Food Cluster Latvia 2018/08/30
Nacionalinis maisto ūkio klasteris – LTFood Lithuania 2020/05/16
Nagrifood CLÚSTER Spain 2021/03/08
NCE Aquaculture Norway 2018/09/21
NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster Norway 2018/06/16
NieKE - Niedersächsisches Kompetenzzentrum Ernährungswirtschaft Germany 2016/04/29
Nordjysk FødevareErhverv Denmark 2019/11/03
Ocean of Opportunities Norway 2016/03/11
OLIVE 360 Italy 2016/08/08
Øresund Food Denmark 2012/12/14
Organic Agriculture Cluster Turkey 2019/11/15
Pharmapolis Innovative Food Cluster Hungary 2017/02/20
Pôle AQUIMER France 2014/02/20
Pôle Européen d'Innovation Fruits et Légumes France 2014/02/16
PortugalFoods - Competitiveness and Technological Pole for Agro-i Portugal 2015/09/24
QOOT Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Cluster Lebanon 2021/07/25
Qualiméditerranée France 2014/03/01
QUALITROPIC France 2014/02/21
RAZEM Business Cluster Poland 2017/04/22
Safe Food Cluster Poland 2019/12/22
Seafood Cluster North Norway 2019/07/05
Sistema Producto Vid De Baja California A.C. Mexico 2018/05/03
Sjømatklyngen Senja Norway 2019/06/01
Skåne Food Innovation Network Sweden 2020/09/13
SMART Food Cluster Lithuania 2020/05/18
Taste of Kerry Ireland 2014/07/04
Tecnogranda Italy 2016/02/13
TECNOVA, Fundación para las tecnologías Auxiliares de la Agricultura Spain 2021/06/10
Thüringer Ernährungsnetzwerk e. V. Germany 2020/12/20
Valorial France 2014/02/23
VEGEPOLYS France 2014/02/14
VIFU Denmark 2019/12/13
Vitagora France 2014/02/24
VITARTIS - Asociación de la In-dustria Alimentaria de Castilla y León Spain 2020/03/01
wagrALIM Belgium 2014/12/11
Westfjords Seafood Saga Iceland 2013/10/10