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Benchmarking: Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI)

Cluster overview for comparative portfolio: Production and engineering

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Name Country www Label valid until
1st Slovak Engineering Cluster Slovakia 2015/01/03
3P Cluster for the Plastics, Packaging, Printing Industry Hungary 2014/12/04
AD Klaster Croatia 2015/01/09
Adaptronik - Center of Excellence Germany 2016/11/26
Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of Metal Industry in Asturias MetaIndustry4 Spain 2021/02/26
Aegean Apparel Exporters' Association Turkey 2015/03/05
Aegean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Associations Turkey 2015/03/05
AEI Automoción de la Rioja Spain 2016/06/17
AEI de la Madera y el Mueble de La Rioja Spain 2016/06/16
Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora del Calzado de La Rioja Spain 2016/02/12
AIPQR - Associação das Indústrias da Petroquímica, Química e Refinação Portugal 2015/11/19
AMUEBLA - Furniture and Related Industries Spain 2020/01/23
Arctic Cluster of Raw Materials Denmark 2017/10/29
Arctic Industry and Circular Economy Finland 2018/04/19
Arena Arktisk Vedlikehold Norway 2019/06/28
ARVE INDUSTRIES France 2014/02/23
Asscoiation of Machinery Manufacturers of Sakarya Turkey 2016/06/02
Association Marocaine des Industries du Textile et de l'Habillement Morocco 2014/11/13
Association of Engineering Cluster Canaries Spain 2016/03/19
Association of Inegol Furniture Manufacturers Turkey 2014/12/26
Association of Packing Manufacturers Turkey 2014/09/12
Association of Sealed Glass Unit Producers Poland 2015/02/11
Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Turkey 2014/07/06
ASTRICO NORD-EST Textile Cluster Romania 2019/08/09
ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal Portugal 2016/05/27
Automation Region Sweden 2020/09/24
Automation Småland Sweden 2020/09/24
Automatisierungsregion Rhein Main Neckar Germany 2017/03/18
Automotive Nordwest e. V. Germany 2019/06/16
AVEP - Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios de Plásticos Spain 2018/06/21
BEYSAD - White Goods Suppliers Association Turkey 2014/11/22
BIPOM Cluster - Balkan Black Sea Farm Machinery Cluster Serbia 2015/01/15
Bulgarian Furniture Cluster Bulgaria 2015/03/15
Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Poland 2018/05/06
Carbon Composites e.V. Germany 2014/09/20
CBECYL - Clúster de Bienes de Equipo de Castilla y León Spain 2020/03/06
CE3M Morocco 2016/06/26
CenSec - Center for Defence, Space and Security Denmark 2015/06/26
Centre d'Animation Régional en Matériaux Avancés France 2014/09/25
CEQUIP Spain 2018/09/15
CLIQIB: Clúster Industria Química de les Balears Spain 2020/08/27
Cluster de Electrodomésticos Mexico 2016/06/23
Cluster Habic Spain 2019/12/11
Cluster Leistungselektronik Germany 2016/04/01
Clúster Mantenimiento Competitivo Colombia 2020/07/23
Cluster Mechatronic Tunisie Tunisia 2015/11/07
Cluster Mechatronik & Automation e.V. Germany 2016/04/02
Cluster Metal Manufactoring Transilvania (PrelMet Transilvania) Romania 2016/12/24
Cluster Mobilier Transilvan Romania 2016/12/16
Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers Czech Republic 2019/11/27
Cluster Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau SMAB Germany 2017/09/29
Cluster TEHNOINTERIJERI Croatia 2015/03/11
Cointega - Cluster Gallego Textil Moda Spain 2015/09/27
COMET Italy 2019/11/16
Construction Machinery Cluster (ISIM) Turkey 2018/10/17
Danish Advanced Manufacturing and Research Centre Denmark 2013/10/25
Danube Engineering Hub Romania 2019/09/13
Die Maschinenbaupartner Germany 2017/12/01
Die Schlüsselregion e.V. Germany 2016/10/08
Egeplasder - Aegean Plastics Industry Cluster Turkey 2015/01/04
Engineering High-Tech Cluster Fulda Germany 2016/11/03
Eskisehir Bilecik Kutahya Ceramics Cluster Association Turkey 2014/08/15
ESSiAD Turkey 2014/06/15
Estonian Defence & Security Industry Innovation Cluster Estonia 2019/05/18
Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster Estonia 2019/05/31
Estronics Estonia 2019/05/16
ETREC - Electro-Technical Regional Cluster Romania 2018/04/11
FEMAC Spain 2013/12/02
Food in Process Denmark 2017/12/08
Functional Print Cluster Spain 2020/02/21
General Engineering Cluster Czech Republic 2015/02/13
GIRA Spain 2014/08/24
Green-tech Cluster Latvia 2019/08/03
HOCHFORM Germany 2017/07/28
Holzbox Romania 2020/06/08
HRVATSKI INTERIJERI Croatia 2015/02/27
I-KON Germany 2016/09/03
i4plastics Norway 2018/06/06
Icelandic Association of Aluminum Producers Iceland http:// 2014/09/27
IDESA Technical Consortia AIE Spain 2014/07/10
iKuben Norway 2016/03/06
IND-AGRO-POL Competitiveness Pole Romania 2015/01/10
IND AGRO VEST Romania 2019/07/01
INNONET Kunststoff Germany 2019/08/14
Institut Chemnitzer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (ICM) Germany 2016/09/10
Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung Germany 2016/07/22
Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V. Germany 2016/04/28
Istanbul Apparel Exporters' Association Turkey 2015/04/04
Italian Chair District Italy 2016/07/24
it's owl Germany 2015/09/19
IUC Syd Sweden 2020/09/13
İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Turkey 2015/01/02
Klaster automatizačnej techniky a robotiky Slovakia 2020/04/11
Klaster Inteligentna Energija Croatia 2015/01/10
Klaster poljomehanizacije d.o.o. Croatia 2015/01/03
KLG grupa više Croatia 2015/02/25
KOM - Klaster Obróbki Metali Poland 2015/02/11
Kompetenz-Netzwerk Mechatronik in Ostbayern Germany 2016/09/08
Kompetenznetz Verfahrenstechnik Pro3 Germany 2017/09/23
Konya Agricultural Machinery Clustering Center Turkey 2016/04/24
Konya Automotive Spare Parts Industry Cluster Turkey 2014/09/04
Konya Foundry Cluster Turkey 2016/04/24
KunststoffDIALOG Germany 2019/09/20
KVCA - Cooling Cluster Denmark 2013/02/02
Latvijas Eksporta klasteris (LEK) Latvia 2020/10/04
Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LAuGEA) Lithuania 2020/05/15
Lithuanian Plastic Cluster Lithuania 2020/05/29
LTSE Co-operative Society Bangladesh 2017/10/18
MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark Denmark 2020/02/22
Manuf@cturias Spain 2014/05/03
MaschinenbauPartner Germany 2019/12/04
MecaTech Belgium 2015/02/01
MECHATREC - Regional Innovation Cluster for Mechatronics Bucharrest - Ilfov Romania 2019/08/07
Mechatronics Cluster Austria 2012/11/12
Mechatronics Cluster Bulgaria Bulgaria 2015/04/01
MESAP - Mechatronics and System for Advanced Production Italy 2016/02/11
MetallDialog Heilbronn Germany 2019/07/14
Metallverarbeitungscluster Waldeck-Frankenberg Germany 2018/02/10
MetalManu Greece 2015/07/15
Mineral Cluster North Norway 2018/09/20
NCE Maritime Norway 2013/01/05
NCE Raufoss Norway 2013/01/14
NCE Systems Engineering Kongsberg Norway 2013/01/26
NEPIC - North East of England Process Industry Cluster United Kingdom 2015/05/03
Netzwerk Industrie RuhrOst e. V. (NIRO) Germany 2020/08/28
NOHAC - North Hungarian Automotive Cluster Hungary 2020/04/27
Norwegian Rooms AS Norway 2017/09/23
Nov@log France 2014/03/20
OGH - Olje- og gassklynge Helgeland Norway 2018/09/20
OGTC - Gateway to Apparel Manufacturers in India India 2014/02/24
Omnipack - First Hungarian Cluster of Packaging Technology Hungary 2014/12/06
Packaging Cluster Spain 2019/03/28
Packaging Valley Germany 2019/08/17
PANEL - Pannon Mechatronics Cluster Hungary 2016/04/25
Pannon Wood & Furniture Cluster Hungary 2016/04/24
Plastics Cluster Austria 2013/11/28
Plastics Cluster Czech Republic 2019/11/25
Pôle EMC² France 2014/02/01
Polepharma France 2014/06/28
Polish Aluminium Cluster Poland 2017/05/15
Polos de Innovacion Inteligencia y Talento A.C. Mexico 2019/05/29
PolymerMat e. V. Kunststoffcluster Thüringen Germany 2020/12/20
Pool-net - Portuguese Tooling Network Portugal 2016/06/17
PrefabLT Lithuania 2019/04/24
PrelMet Transilvania Romania 2019/08/17
Pro Wood Romania 2016/10/13
PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Cluster Portugal 2015/06/25
Radomski Klaster Metalowy Poland 2016/12/17
RCT Gelderland Netherlands 2020/08/15
Réseau Plasturgie - Netzwerk Kunststofftechnologie Switzerland 2014/09/25
RoboCluster Denmark 2020/04/18
Romanian Textile Concept Romania 2015/01/14
Safety & Security Technology Cluster Czech Republic 2015/07/22
SCIAT - Specialized Cluster Institute for Apparel and Textile Bulgaria 2015/04/28
SMAB - Sondermaschinen und Anlagenbau Sachsen-Anhalt Germany 2017/09/29
South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster Hungary 2016/07/04
SPM Reliability Management Denmark 2015/05/02
Srednogorie Copper Industry Cluster Bulgaria 2015/10/04
Start Inovare Romania 2019/12/12
Subsea Valley Norway 2016/06/25
TECES - tehnološki center za električne stroje Slovenia 2020/04/12
Technology akvARENA Norway 2013/03/01
Techtank Sweden 2020/09/25
Tecnologie per gli Ambienti di Vita Italy 2016/10/01
TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre: Industrial Association of Toolmakers Slovenia 2018/07/18
The Packaging Arena Sweden 2013/01/25
TillverkningsTekniskt Centrum Ekonomisk Förening (TTC) Sweden 2020/09/18
Tunga fordon Sweden 2013/01/27
Verpackungscluster Mittelhessen Germany 2016/11/17
Verpackungscluster Südniedersachsen e.V. Germany 2017/09/17
ViaMéca France 2014/02/24
Vojvodina Metal Cluster Serbia 2015/03/25
Vysočina Precision Engineering Cluster Czech Republic 2017/02/05
Windtechnology Cluster Estonia 2019/05/29
Wood Cluster of Northwest Croatia Croatia 2015/02/26
Wood Industry Cluster Slovenia 2020/02/16
Woodworking Industry Development Cluster Estonia 2019/05/30