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Name Country Comparative portfolio www Label valid until
Aerospace Valley France Aviation and space 2018/12/01
AGRI SUD-OUEST INNOVATION France Food industry 2018/12/03
Agro Transilvania CLUSTER Romania Food industry 2024/03/31
Allianz Faserbasierte Werkstoffe Baden-Württemberg e. V. Germany New materials and chemistry 2023/03/10
Alsace BioValley France Health and medical science 2017/12/31
ASINCAR Spain Food industry 2021/12/31
automotive BW Germany Transportation and mobility 2020/02/05
Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León (CLAUT) Mexico Transportation and mobility 2019/06/23
Axelera France New materials and chemistry 2019/06/04
Bau.Energie.Umwelt Cluster Niederösterreich (ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH) Austria Construction 2021/09/11
Beauty Cluster Barcelona Spain Creative industries 2022/03/31
BioLAGO e. V. – life science network Germany Health and medical science 2024/01/31
BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH Germany Biotechnology 2023/04/30
Biopeople - Denmark's Life Science Cluster Denmark Biotechnology 2021/07/18
bioPmed - Piemonte Healthcare Cluster Italy Health and medical science 2017/07/21
BioRN Network e. V. Germany Biotechnology 2023/12/31
Blue Maritime Cluster Norway Maritime technologies, water resources 2024/06/30
BrainsBusiness ICT North Denmark Denmark ICT 2021/08/25
Cap Digital France Creative industries 2019/07/15
CARA – European Cluster for Mobility Solutions France Transportation and mobility 2019/02/25
Carbon Composites e. V. Germany Production and engineering 2018/10/08
CEAGA - Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia Spain Transportation and mobility 2021/06/25
CEEC - Energy Efficient Cluster of Catalonia Spain Energy and environment 2024/04/30
CenSec Denmark Aviation and space 2024/10/31
Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH Germany New materials and chemistry 2015/03/13
CLEAN - Connecting Danish Cleantech Denmark Energy and environment 2024/12/31
Cluster da Madeira de Galicia (CMA) Spain Construction 2016/03/03
Cluster de Energía del País Vasco / Basque Energy Cluster Spain Energy and environment 2022/11/30
Cluster de la Acuicultura de Galicia Spain Food industry 2018/03/15
Cluster Elektromobilität Süd-West Germany Mobility: Vehicles, rail, traffic systems 2023/03/10
Cluster Habitat Sustentável Portugal Construction 2020/02/03
Cluster Medizintechnologie Mannheim Germany Health and medical science 2021/12/31
Cluster Mobilier Transilvan Romania Production and engineering 2022/11/13
Cluster Mobility & Logistics Germany Mobility: Vehicles, rail, traffic systems 2024/07/31
Cluster Montagne France Sports, Leisure and Tourism 2019/01/31
Cluster TIC Galicia Spain ICT 2018/03/15
Copenhagen Fintech Denmark Creative industries 2024/08/31
CREA Hydro & Energy Czech Republic Energy and environment 2017/08/17
csoftmty - Consejo de Software de NuevoLeón Mexico ICT 2019/12/31
CWP - Catalan Water Partnership Spain Maritime technologies, water resources 2022/03/31
CyberForum e. V. Germany ICT 2015/10/27
D2i - Design to innovate Denmark Creative industries 2019/03/29
DAMRC - Danish Advanced Manufacturing Research Center Denmark Production and engineering 2022/10/31
Dansk Material Network Denmark New materials and chemistry 2019/06/30
Energy Cluster Denmark Denmark Energy and environment 2024/03/31
Energy Innovation Cluster Denmark Energy and environment 2020/06/01
Energy Valley Norway Maritime technologies, water resources 2023/06/30
EnergyVaasa c/o Oy Merinova AB Finland Energy and environment 2024/03/31
FEMAC - The Cluster of Agricultural Machinery Spain Production and engineering 2023/12/31
Flanders' Food Belgium Food industry 2018/04/06
Food & Bio Cluster Denmark Denmark Food industry 2024/09/30
Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia Spain Food industry 2024/04/30
Future Position X Sweden ICT 2020/12/31
Gate 21 Denmark Energy and environment 2021/08/01
GCE NODE - Global Centre of Expertise Norway Energy and environment 2023/12/31
GCE Ocean Technology Norway Energy and environment 2024/06/30
gi-cluster (facilitated by Corallia) Greece Creative industries 2021/03/31
Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH Austria Energy and environment 2023/12/31
habic – Basque Hospitality, Wood & Design Cluster Spain Construction 2024/06/30
HAMBURG AVIATION - Luftfahrtcluster Metropolregion Hamburg e. V. Germany Aviation and space 2021/11/13
Hamburg@work | DigitalCluster.Hamburg Germany ICT 2021/08/31
House of Energy Denmark Energy and environment 2020/04/11
HYDREOS France Energy and environment 2020/10/29
ID4Car France Transportation and mobility 2021/07/30
INNOVACC - Catalan Cluster of Meat and Alternative Protein Spain Food industry 2024/04/30
Innovation Network Lifestyle - Lifestyle & Design Cluster Denmark Creative industries 2021/01/30
INOVCLUSTER Portugal Food industry 2017/05/24
it’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH Germany Production and engineering 2022/03/31
IUC Syd Sweden Production and engineering 2022/12/31
Kongsberg Cluster Norway Production and engineering 2023/09/30
Kosice IT Valley Slovakia ICT 2023/07/31
Kunststoff-Cluster Austria New materials and chemistry 2020/12/31
Kunststoff-Institut für die mittelständische Wirtschaft NRW GmbH Germany New materials and chemistry 2024/03/31
Lebensmittel Cluster Niederösterreich (ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH) Austria Food industry 2021/09/09
Life Science Nord Germany Health and medical science 2024/01/31
Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V. Germany Transportation and mobility 2021/11/11
Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster Italy Energy and environment 2017/02/03
LYONBIOPOLE France Health and medical science 2019/11/10
MADE - Manufacturing Academy of Denmark Denmark Production and engineering 2023/10/31
Maritime Development Center Denmark Maritime technologies, water resources 2022/09/12
Mechatronik Cluster (Clusterland Oberösterreich GmbH) Austria Production and engineering 2021/09/08
Media Evolution Sweden ICT 2022/12/31
MedicalMountains GmbH Germany Health and medical science 2024/01/31
Medicon Valley Alliance Denmark Health and medical science 2023/05/31
Mental Health Cluster Catalonia Spain Health and medical science 2024/04/30
microTEC Südwest e. V. Germany Micro, nano and optical technologies 2020/12/31
Minalogic France Micro, nano and optical technologies 2017/12/31
Mobile Heights Sweden ICT 2023/10/31
MODACC - Catalan Fashion Cluster Spain Textile industries 2022/03/31
Nanoprogress Czech Republic New materials and chemistry 2022/12/14
NCE EYDE-Cluster Norway Creative industries 2021/12/15
NCE Maritime Cleantech Norway Maritime technologies, water resources 2022/02/23
NCE Media – Media City Bergen Norway Creative industries 2022/03/15
NCE Raufoss Norway Production and engineering 2018/06/09
NCE Smart Energy Markets (Smart Innovation Norway) Norway Energy and environment 2021/11/30
NextMove France Transportation and mobility 2022/12/31
North East Process Industry Cluster United Kingdom Production and engineering 2019/02/11
Norway Health Tech Norway Health and medical science 2021/09/21
Norwegian Smart Care Cluster Norway Health and medical science 2023/11/30
Odense Robotics Denmark Production and engineering 2025/03/31
Oslo Cancer Cluster Norway Health and medical science 2021/12/15
Packaging Cluster Spain Logistics: Packaging, Delivery, Logistical Systems and Services 2022/03/31
Paper Province Sweden Production and engineering 2023/01/31
Photonics BW e. V. Germany Micro, nano and optical technologies 2024/03/31
Pôle de compétitivité Optitec France Micro, nano and optical technologies 2018/01/31
Pôle de compétitivité Plasturgie (PLASTIPOLIS) France New materials and chemistry 2022/03/31
Pôle EMC2 France Production and engineering 2023/12/31
Pôle Fibres-Energivie France Construction 2019/09/30
Pole SCS France ICT 2018/05/21
Pôle Véhicule du Futur France Transportation and mobility 2020/09/24
Pool-net - Portuguese Tooling Network Portugal Production and engineering 2017/07/06
PORTUGALFOODS Portugal Food industry 2016/11/04
PRO WOOD Regional Wood Cluster Romania Production and engineering 2022/08/31
PRODUTECH - Pólo das Tecnologias de Produção Portugal Production and engineering 2022/11/30
ROHEALTH Cluster Romania Health and medical science 2023/12/31
SECPhO - Southern European Cluster in Photonics and Optics Spain Micro, nano and optical technologies 2022/03/31
si-cluster (facilitated by Corallia) Greece Aviation and space 2021/04/15
Silesian Aviation Cluster Poland Aviation and space 2024/08/31
Silicon Saxony e. V. Germany ICT 2023/12/31
Software-Cluster Koordinierungsstelle Germany ICT 2015/04/21
Systematic France ICT 2017/12/31
Technology Mountains e. V. Germany Health and medical science , ICT , Micro, nano and optical technologies , New materials and chemistry , Production and engineering 2024/01/31
Techtera - Pôle de compétitivité des textiles et matériaux souples France Textile industries 2024/01/31
TENERRDIS France Energy and environment 2019/01/31
TICBioMed Spain Health and medical science 2018/04/30
TICE.PT Portugal ICT 2023/07/31
Transilvania IT Cluster Romania ICT 2023/08/31
TREC - Transilvania Energy Cluster Romania Energy and environment 2023/07/31
VDC Fellbach Germany ICT 2023/12/31
VEGEPOLYS France Food industry 2019/11/14
ViaMéca France Production and engineering 2019/01/31
VITAGORA France Food industry 2020/12/31
Welfare Tech Denmark Health and medical science 2022/03/09