Cluster Excellence Expert Group

Assessment results will be presented to the Cluster Excellence Expert Group (CEEG) for a final decision whether a cluster organisation will be awarded with the Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. The CEEG acts as an international board ensuring neutrality and international recognition of any awarded labels. Cluster organisations that have been awarded are invited to nominate a member of the CEEG. Membership is not transferable. CEEG members are:

Country Name Cluster organisation
Austria Christian Altmann Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur
Bernhard Puttinger (chairperson 2013/2014) Green Tech Cluster Styria
Czech Republic Luboš Komárek Nanoprogress z.s.

Karen Lindegaard (vice chairperson) Welfare Tech
Marianne Meyer Jakobsen WE BUILD DENMARK
Estonia Doris Pölt Estonian ICT Cluster
France Christophe Breuillet VITAGORA
Marc Charlet Pôle MOV’EO
Patrick Vuillermoz Polymeris

Uwe Pfeil

Cluster Mobility & Logistics
Frank Bösenberg Silicon Saxony
Andreas Baur BioLAGO
Andreas Ehrhardt Photonics BW
Jörg Günther Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid GmbH
Thomas Wolf TechnologyMountains
Christoph Runde VDC Fellbach
Norway Owe Hagsaether NCE Subsea
Poland Piotr Wojciechowski Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley
Portugal Victor Ferreira Cluster Habitat Sustenável
Vasco Lagarto TICE.PT

Felix Arion AgroTransilvania
Rezso Kadar Pro Wood
Bianca Muntean iTech Transylvania
Alina Capitanu IMAGO-MOL Cluster
Spain Xavier Amores Bravo CWP - Catalan Water Partnership
Àlex Brossa Packaging Cluster (Catalonia)
Alberto Cominges (chairperson) CEAGA
Eduardo Jimenez Cluster HABIC
Jose Ramon Natal Metaindustry4
Enric Pedros FEMAC
Marta Sánchez-Bret Mental Health Cluster Catalonia
Ivan Borrego Valverde Beauty Cluster Spain
Sweden Henrik Dahl Future Position X